Q. How much does it cost?
A. It costs just £99 to get your site up and running for one year. This allows you and your guests to upload up to 2000 photos. After the first year there is a small yearly charge for keeping your photos online. The cost of this depends on how many photos you have online.

Q. What happens if we upload more than 2000 photos?
A. Don't worry, your photos won't be lost! All photos are stored online, but only the first 2000 uploaded will be shown. You can upgrade the standard 2000 photos to allow as many as you like to be shown, upgrade prices can be found here.

Q. Why is this different from other online photo sites, such as Flickr.com?
A. THE WEDDING PICS is unique in that it allows multiple people (your guests) to upload their photos, using their own log in details, into the one account. Services such as Flickr.com only have a single username and password for an account. THE WEDDING PICS also resizes the photos before uploading them, unlike other services, saving a massive amount of time for your guests.

Q. If we don't want to continue after the first year, can we download all of the photos?
A. Yes, you can request a zip file of all of the photos that your guests have uploaded at any time from within the admin area.

Q. Will our guests need any special software installed?
A. Your guests will need to download a small photo upload tool, but this doesn't need installing, and will work on any PC running Microsoft Windows.

Q. Can we use THE WEDDING PICS for our holiday snaps?
A. Yes, THE WEDDING PICS isn't restriced to your wedding photos. You can arrange your photos into separate albums, making it ideal for any type of photos.

Q. Can we print the photos that our guest have uploaded?
A. THE WEDDING PICS is designed to be an easy to use online gallery. Modern digital cameras produce very large photos, and it can take quite a while to upload just one photo. So for this reason, the upload tool resizes the orignal photos to around 1 mega pixel in size before uploading them, so that your guests can upload all of their photos without it taking all day. The online photo will be fine printed up to around 6" x 4", but any larger and you would be best off getting the original from your guests (the photo filename is displayed so that you can just ask them for the ones that you want).

Q. Are our photos backed up?
A. Yes, all of your photos and data are backed up on a daily basis.

Q. How long will it take for the photo to appear on the site?
A. The photos will be on your site the instant they are uploaded by your guests.

Q. How can I stop people uploading photos that aren't of the wedding?
A. Only your guests that you have issued with log in details are able to upload photos. You can monitor the photos being displayed on the site by changing the display settings of the default 'Uploads' album to 'hidden'.