"THE WEDDING PICS system was originally developed for my own wedding. We didn't really want a professional photographer ordering everyone around and ruining the day (and saving the money helped out as we'd already over-spent!). The idea worked really well, we had over 700 photos uploaded, and so we decided to offer it to other couples."

Dan Baker

THE WEDDING PICS is such a simple concept...

Your wedding guests are given a way to upload their photos of your day to a central web gallery. You can then organise these into separate albums. The albums use some of the latest online photo display techniques, making your photos look amazing! The photos are displayed in time and date order automatically (using data stored by the camera), meaning that any photos taken at the same moment by different guests will be shown next to each other. If any of your guests don't have the correct time and date set in their cameras, you can adjust this for their photos from within the admin area.

The photo upload tool is a small application that works on any PC runnning Microsoft Windows. As it doesn't need to be installed, it can be downloaded and run, avoiding the problems usually associated with installing software.

The photos upload tool:
  • Resizes the photos before uploading, reducing the upload time (100 three mega-pixel photos can be uploaded in around 5 minutes with the minimum broadband connection)
  • Rotates the photos (this is done automatically if the camera stores this information)
  • Add captions to photos
  • Uploads a whole folder at once
  • Uploads individual photos

Try it out...
Log into the admin area, using the email address and password that you gave when you purchased, and try uploading and organising photos for yourself.

We will be in contact within 24 hours to get details of your guests, and to discuss how you would like your photo upload tool personalised.

Contact your guests...
Once all of your guests have been added, those with email addresses can be contacted with their log in details from within the admin area. However, you may wish to let them all know in another way (eg. as part of your table decorations at your wedding).

Why not give it a go for yourself. Click the download link below and try uploading some photos. All photos are removed from the sample gallery in 2 hours, so don't worry how bad they are!


You can have your own web gallery with up to 2000 photos for just £99.

This includes the personalising of your photo upload tool, and adding all of your guests for you.

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Here's a short video showing just how simple it it for your guests to upload their photos.

Once you've got your web gallery up and running, if any of your guests or visitors click on the 'powered by' link on the bottom of your pages, you'll earn 25% commission if they sign up with us. So if four of your friends are getting married as well, you could have your wedding gallery for free!